Monday, September 22, 2008

We have a NEW design team!

Waaahoo we are so excited to announce our new design team or as we call them our Addict Counselors!
We received lots of applications and the competition was tough but we have decided on 2 talented ladies.
Bethanne64-aka Elisabeth
decorative_memories- aka Krista
and we have a guest designer for November
taryngirl- aka Taryn
Please help me give these ladies a warm welcome! They start their designing with the October Addict Kits so stay tuned for their creations. Oh and stay tuned to see our surprise GAC for October I am soooo excited!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Addicted Scrappers September Card Kit

We have a beautiful kit to offer you this month and it is packed full of product! These are just a few of the cards Kandis has created with the kit. With the purhcase of our kit you do receive instructions to recreate the cards.

For a full list of products, and to see all the cards created visit us here

Monday, September 15, 2008

Addicted Scrappers Featured on Willow Traders!

Heres a little toot for Addicted Scrappers!
check out the post at WT here

WOO HOOOO!!!! ADDICTED SCRAPPERS IS IN DA HOUSE!!!! Give me a WOOOP WOOOP!!!! I can NOT wait to share with you our very own Willow Susannah's club Addicted Scrappers........ SO MUCH SO THAT I'M NOT giving you time to get your drinks! FA-GETIT! SIT DOWN!!! You HAVE GOT TO HEAR THIS!!!! SIT!!! SIT!!! DAHHHH-LINK! SIT!First things first: DA FACTS!6 month sub with shipping $28.50 per month3 month sub with shipping $29.50 per monthSingle purchase $24 plus actual shipping***If you DO sub right now, you will receive a free gift worth $7.99!!*** OK so lets get to this!!! Addicted Scrappers has been around for gosh, dare I say it?? October 2006!?!?!? Tell me time does NOT fly by like that! There are TWO KITS to choose from each month. One is very feminine and the other is masculine. So they have it all covered there! I've had my eye on this club for at least six months. The kits are embellie heavy, they include A LOT for your money and her taste in manufacturers.......well, you'll see. Lets take this month for example. Addicted Scrappers is featuring Pink Paislee's Pop Fashion!!! This is the FIRST club I've seen feature it! I LOVED this kit and I'm telling you, usually I hold off even LOOKING at a kit I get for review until I'm ready to write it. NOT SO with this kit. I got the kit in the mail a couple of weeks ago and I immediately had to peek. First of all Susannah wraps it in tissue and it feels like you are unwrapping a present packed just for you! So there I was taken back to Christmas when I was five and unable to KEEP FROM TEARING a corner of wrapping paper off.........well I got my first glimpse of that pink beautiful paper and it was all over. It looked like a dog attacked that tissue. Soon thereafter I had all of the contents spread across my desk and a glazed look in my eyes. It is GORGEOUS!!!! I admit I did it, I had to peek before the review AND I went even further. I USED IT ALL UP AND IT'S GONE!!!!! That's right, I sit here writing the review with only my completed layouts to reference. I'M SO ASHAMED. I showed NO RESTRAINT! Oh the shame of it all!!! It was GREAT to rip, tear, ink and distress that paper, it was PERFECT for a pic I had of my niece and her new fiance'. I'm posting the image and layout below, granted I have some of the kit left but I'm telling ya, I went to town with that paper!!!!

See...........PURRRRDY, HUH? It's gorgeous. And that was JUST THE GIRL KIT............look what I DO have sitting in front of me:The September Star Struck kit featurning Bo Bunny!!!

Now, seriously, I've had to exercise serious restraint not to go all pit bull on that tissue and tear into the contents of said kit. It's GORGEOUS! The embellies REALLY want to stay with me and not go to the winner of the drawing later this month. Embellies from K & Co, American Crafts Thickers, brads, 3 D stickers from Sandylion, a Teresa Collns Journaling Spotz!!!! OK that's enough, I need to put it away, I feel like Edward in the Twilight series.....*snort* So you can SEE the kits are DELISH! They are AFFORDABLE and ladies. Addicted Scrappers includes label on the outside of the kit so you know from where it came! They go one step further and include a business card complete with web address, name AND PHONE NUMBER should you have any questions, AND a list of contents. A LIST OF CONTENTS!!!!!!! Too many clubs DON'T include that information but there is is in glorious color for us!!! A LIST OF CONTENTS!!!! There are a couple of other things I'd like to share with you. Addicted Scrappers includes six pieces of PP and 5 pieces of different colored cardstock. I LOVE THAT!!! I'm actually completing more single page layouts than double these days and the amount of papers paired with the embellishments is P-E-R-F-E-C-T! If you do the math with the OUTRAGEOUS COST of shipping in this day and age and subtract that from the $28.50 price for the six month are paying $20 FOR THIS KIT!!!! Twenty dollars for a kit with A LOT of embellies and plenty of paper to make AT LEAST five pages!! That's VERY conservative........and those pages will have plenty of pop on them with those embellies! Now what else they have?

A CARD KIT CLUB!!!!! And not just any card kit club, A REAL ONE! You know those clubs that throw a few pieces of paper with a couple of pieces of cardstock and call it a 'card club' know what I mean. NOT HERE!!!! Addicted Scrappers has a card club that are jammed full of product and come with complete instructions and BEAUTIFUL PICS of each card!!!! The card kit club was what initially caught my eye over at Addicted Scrappers! This club is only $17.99 with a six month sub and seriously, LOOK........Aren't they the BEST CARDS!?!???!You all know how important a website is to me. It can make or break a club. I've seen it happen. You can have a rockin' kit like Addicted Scrappers but I'm sorry if you don't back it up with an EASY shopping experience and EASY to navigate website you WILL fail. I think the fact that Addicted Scrappers has been around since 2006 speaks to that! The kits are RIGHT on the front page, in the store, they are categorized by year and month. And even the add ons have their own category.I LOVE THAT!!! Something I've seen at Addicted Scrappers and not elsewhere are designs with the current month ON THE HOME PAGE!! A side bar on the right all the way down, LAYOUT AFTER LAYOUT AFTER LAYOUT!!! That ROCKS!!! In addition to the home page even though EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS RIGHT THERE, you will find a friendly message board, a whole gallery featuring what to do with these awesome kits and behind it all.......Susannah. She's not only a Club Owner but a Willow! I love it when club owners hang out with us and not just come in to advertise and leave, know what I mean? She chats with us on the boards, she SCRAPS when a lot of business owners just don't make it a priority, she's just one of us. I like that and it makes it a lot easier to purchase from a fellow Willow than somebody who comes and goes just for the sake of advertising. So thanks for hanging with us Susannah! Ladies and Perry and Joe and the techie guys from The Skinnery.......I bring to youADDICTED SCRAPPERS!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

October Sneak Peeks!

Oh boy do we have some yummy goodies in these kits! I am so in love with all the products from the chipboard houses to the glitz owls it is all going to be so much fun.

Cant wait to show more next week!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday Already!

Well this week is flying by actually this year is flying by! I cannot believe there is only 113 days till Christmas! Anyway our oh so fablous design team has been working away getting creations done with the September Pop Fashion Addict kit so I thought I would share a few! Watch over the next day or 2 for creations with our Star Struck Addict kit



Also make sure you check out our FANTASTIC Use your Stash contest! The grand prize will be 2 BG collections! Oh and we have a Design Team Call going on too